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Launch ACPII

Liv Irene Loland

1. mai 2022

MS Amlin Marine and Hydor launch Association of Commercial P&I Insurers

MS Amlin and Hydor, two prominent commercial Premium P&I insurers are pleased to announce the formal launch of the Association of Commercial P&I Insurers Limited (ACPII). The Association has been founded to support and promote commercial P&I in the global markets.

As part of its strategic initiatives, ACPII will liaise with stakeholders relevant to the shipping industry such as government agencies, regulators, trade associations and other international maritime and financial organisations.

Bianca te Poele, Liv Irene Loland, Eugène van Steekelenburg and Johan Gjernes have accepted the position of Directors of the Association.

In addition, Capt. Bert Wardetzki has been appointed Head of the Secretariat and Secretary to the Association.

Tom Oostra (Managing Director MS Amlin Marine) commented:

“We have been long standing advocates for a body to represent the common interests of Commercial P&I Insurers, so welcome the formation of the ACPII.”

Morten Skomsoy (Managing Director Hydor) remarked:

“The world of P&I insurance is very complex with a myriad of stakeholders. We fully support an Association to represent the interests of the Commercial P & I insurers in this rapidly changing world.”

For further information regarding the Association please contact :

Capt. Bert Wardetzki +49 170 279 44 60/+47 2240 3270

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